With a more recent history but with the same soul and above all the same heart and love, Terrazza Calabritto, created in Naples in 2001, opens a second location in the Po Valley.
The difference is made by a work of "simple additions and mastery".
Terrazza Calabritto is located in one of the most fashionable neighborhoods of Milan, precisely in viale Monte Grappa 7. The furnishing of its interior spaces plays on equal terms with other clubs in the area. Design and taste for aesthetics, which is typical of the Milanese, meet the stylish and timeless elegance of the Neapolitan 700s. It’s entirely impossible to find this combination elsewhere.
Two deeply different cities, in their rhythms and lifestyles, and a mood that is a bit affected by the foggy weather.
The unmistakable cuisine of Terrazza Calabritto is so much more than a revisitation of tradition. It is pure experimentation, a strenuous pursuit of an emotion contained in every bite that can transport you elsewhere, to stories of distant times and happy memories of your childhood.


The culinary concept offers cocktails and crudités in a Mediterranean version, meant to be enjoyed in both the rooms dedicated to catering and the ones used for the raw cocktail bar. Crustaceans, shellfish and fish are exposed and prepared on the spot to enhance the surprising taste of raw tapas. It’s the perfect fusion of elements and flavors, which are as old as the Neapolitan seafaring tradition. The pure creativity and the touch of internationality of Terrazza Calabritto make everything so unique.
Terrazza Calabritto’s fingerfood is definitely an experience not to be missed. For parties and events, both private and public, our kitchen changes its location, but not its flavors. All of the inspiration, the passion and the experience of our chefs will be concentrated in one bite.



*customers will receive an answering e-mail in order to confirm or decline the request according to the availability. In case of no reply, the reservation is not to be considered confirmed.