You can find Terrazza Calabritto among the arteries of the city, at the heart of Naples, in front of the sea, between the Riviera di Chiaia and the alleyways so full of history and stories.
The difference is made by a work of "simple additions and mastery".
From the first floor of Piazza Vittoria 1, you can enjoy the view and the sparkling salty air. It’s the perfect setting for the exclusive proposals of a revolutionary cuisine that mixes tradition with the most sought-after flavors, colors and ingredients. On the ground floor a cocktail bar, accessible before and after dinner, entertains guests with intriguing proposals elaborated by a bar manager .
With its refined and trendy design, its relaxing and enveloping atmosphere, Terrazza Calabritto is a unique experience among flavors, colors and perfumes with a breathtaking view.
In Terrazza Calabritto’s kitchen, everything starts from tradition and respect for food commodities and it arrives where you would have never imagined.


The sea is the absolute protagonist. The menu ranges between Mediterranean cuisine and a new concept of gastronomy made of fast cooking, simplicity and lightness, which is obtained thanks to the wise use of excellent products and ingredients.Raw fish, seafood dishes and balanced flavors marvel the palate, as well as the view. Because customers are increasingly prepared in terms of cooking, only a high quality of materials and a great skill in preparation can succeed in surprising them.
Terrazza Calabritto’s fingerfood is definitely an experience not to be missed. For parties and events, both private and public, our kitchen changes its location, but not its flavors. All of the inspiration, the passion and the experience of our chefs will be concentrated in one bite.



*customers will receive an answering e-mail in order to confirm or decline the request according to the availability.



Delivery e Take Away disponibile dal Lunedì alla Domenica sia a pranzo che a cena